Soverato (Calabria): what to see


What to see in Soverato, a town in Calabria in the province of Catanzaro, overlooking the Gulf of Squillace, an itinerary including an archaeological park, the Church of Addolorata and a sandy beach.

Tourist information

Considered the pearl of the Ionian Sea, Soverato is renowned for the beauty of its sea and the quality of its beaches, factors that contribute to making it a popular holiday destination.

Only a few remains of the historic hillside inhabited, completely destroyed following the devastating effects of the earthquake that occurred in 1783.

Soverato experienced a remarkable development from 1875 onwards, coinciding with the construction of the railway connection on the Taranto-Reggio Calabria section.

Following the construction of this new infrastructure, the local administrators moved the town hall from Soverato Superiore to the Marina, where various commercial activities began to develop without stopping, as well as small industrial companies and tourist facilities, including campsites and hotels.

The current town, which develops along the coast, is characterized by a suggestive promenade that includes a sixteenth-century tower.

What see

Worth a visit is the Church of Addolorata, which contains within it a marble group whose subject is the Pietà, the work of the Sicilian sculptor Antonello Gagini, as well as a beautiful panel with the Ecce Homo, by the same author, and an original crucifix seventeenth-century, made of wood by the engraver Angelo da Pietrafitta.

The Church of Sant'Antonio di Padova, located at the Salesian institute of the same name, was commissioned by Michele Rua in 1908 and built on a project by the engineer Salvatore Sciuto Patti in neo-Gothic style.

The archaeological park of "Soverato Vecchia" contains the remains of the old city center.

In San Nicola there are the Poliporto Ruins, that is the remains of what was, in all probability, a port dating back to the Greco-Roman era.

Soverato beach is characterized by white sand and bathed by a sea with particularly clear water, which allows you to glimpse the seabed even where the water is several meters deep.

Calabria - Soverato (June 2023)

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