Stereo DVD player: choice and readable formats


Tips for buying a good stereo DVD player compatible with the dvix xvid mp3 elinee guide to best satisfy every listening and viewing need.

Which DVD player to choose

From the end of the 90s onwards, DVD players (digital versatile disk) have spread more and more, both for their greater practicality than the old VHS recorder and for the higher image and sound quality.

The advent of dolby digital then made the DVD indispensable for those who want to take advantage of all the digital audio channels present in this technology by setting up a multi-channel home cinema system with the large screen of a plasma TV or an LCD television projector.

There are numerous offers of table stereo DVD players on the market in addition to the practical portable DVD players, from the cost of a few tens of € uro to a few hundred, in any case, even the cheapest one considerably exceeds the image quality that a VHS video recorder can give.

In addition to the best sound and image quality, it should not be forgotten that a DVD disc can contain not only an entire film but also additional content such as audio in multiple languages, background, subtitles, etc.

In addition, DVD players can also read MP3s, audio CDs, compressed JPG images, CDs and DVDs burned.

With dvd players compatible with dvix and xvid formats it is possible to read divx, in addition to the classic dvd format, a format that allows you to perform a strong compression of movies without apparent loss of quality taking up much less space than the MPEG 2 that characterizes the DVD.

Consumer DVD players

Economic readers, say within 100 € uro, fall into this market segment for those who have no further needs other than to view films or other videos on normal CRT televisions.

In this case the image quality will already be far superior to the possibilities of the TV.

High end dvd players

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Those who want to use a DVD player as the only audio-video source of a good hi-fi or home-theater system, will do well to orient themselves in this market segment so as not to have a result that is below their expectations.

We speak of an expenditure over 100 € uro gradually increasing according to your quality needs.

As for the image, these readers will be progressive-scan with additional digital DVI output for plasma screens and LCD monitors with DVI input, they will have increasingly sophisticated audio-video converters as the price increases and more robust mechanics.

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