Tagliata alla arugola: recipe with pan-fried beef


How to cook arugula tagliata, an easy recipe based on fillet of beef to make in a pan, a few necessary ingredients and a guided procedure.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 500 gr of meat in the beef fillet

- 1 large bunch of rocket

- olive oil

How to make arugula tagliata

Wash the rocket and drain it well by squeezing it.

Cook the meat in a pan with a little oil, browning each part as long as necessary to change the color of the meat from red to light brown.

Put the meat in a serving tray, salting it lightly, then heat two more spoons of oil in the same pan where the meat was cooked, add the rocket, salt, mix, put a lid and cook for a minute, just long sagging the leaves of the rocket.

At this point you just have to distribute the arugula on the meat and serve still hot.

How to make Beef Tagliata (September 2021)

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