Tashkent (Uzbekistan): what to see in the capital


What to see in Tashkent, itinerary including the main attractions and places of interest, including the Kukeldash Madrasa, the Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum and the museum of applied arts.

Tourist information

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is located in the north-eastern part of the country, in a fertile oasis irrigated by the Circik and Keles rivers, tributaries of Syrdarja.

The city is the main economic and cultural center of Uzbekistan, as well as an important railway junction on the transcaspic line.

Its origins are very ancient, in fact, they date back to the year 750 AD, when it was founded by the Arabs.

Destroyed by Genghis Khan in 1100, it was rebuilt two centuries later and suffered the occupation of the Russian army during the 1800s.

The climate is continental, with harsh winters and hot summers. The citizens of Tashkent are mostly Uzbeks, then there are minorities of Russians.

What see

Although little of its architectural heritage remains, apart from the Kukeldash madrasah and the Shashi kaffal mausoleum, it is possible to visit its museums, which make known the history and culture of this country, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Museum of the History of Uzbekistan, the Museum of Amir Temur.

There are also many theaters in Tashkent, the main one being the Opera and Ballet Theater Alisher Navoi.

In addition to this, the Uzbek and Russian prose theaters, theaters dedicated to operetta, puppet theaters, children's theaters and experimental theaters deserve to be remembered.

In Tashkent there are the University of Diplomacy and World Economy, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the National University of Uzbekistan, the faculties of medicine and languages, among many others.

Sport is well regarded, with the presence of many sports fields of all kinds, including the YunOS Obod tennis court, which is the largest in the nation, where important competitions are also held worldwide.

Tashkent Uzbekistan CITY TOUR (April 2021)

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