Tomato celeriac: how to cook it boiled


How to cook celeriac with boiled tomato, an easy recipe that requires few ingredients, with an easy preparation procedure suitable for everyone.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 2 celeriac of 300 gr

- salt

- 8 tablespoons of tomato sauce

- 6 tablespoons of olive oil

- 1 lemon

Preparation of boiled tomato celeriac

Cut the celeriac into four parts, using a fairly large knife.

Using a smaller knife, peel the eight quarters of celeriac obtained and then wash them in cold water by rinsing them thoroughly.

Put on the fire in a pan half a liter of water with a tablespoon of coarse salt, in the meantime divide the celeriac quarters with a vegetable cutter, obtaining sticks of about half a centimeter thick.

When the water boils, throw in the celeriac sticks and cook them for about 3 minutes, at the end drain them and, in the pan used for cooking, combine the tomato purée with the oil, adding a pinch of salt.

Heat, stirring frequently, and add the celeriac sticks, continuing to mix to completely cover them with the sauce obtained.

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Remove from the heat and sprinkle everything with the lemon juice, serve immediately while still hot or, according to preference, cold after a few hours.

Celery Velouté – Bruno Albouze – THE REAL DEAL (December 2023)

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