Torre Annunziata (Campania): what to see


What to see in Torre Annunziata, itinerary including the Vesuvian thermal baths nunziante, the archaeological site of Oplonti with the villa Poppea and the famous pasta factories.

Tourist information

Located on the Gulf of Naples, Torre Annunziata extends over a stretch of about six kilometers, within an inlet bordered by Capo Oncino and the Rovigliano rock.

The municipal territory is delimited to the north by the slopes of Vesuvius, an area that falls within the red belt, that is, the area considered to be at greater risk in the event that the volcano restarts its activity.

The name Torre Annunziata derives from an ancient tower built near the coast, which served as a guard against Saracen pirates who came from the sea.

During the Roman period, when the town was called Oplontis, there were various villas and spas, of which it is possible to see the remains today by visiting the archaeological area.

What see

The foundation of the modern city dates back to 1319, when the first village developed around the Annunziata church.

The territory of Torre Annunziata is totally flat, mainly formed by volcanic lava from Vesuvius, accumulated over several centuries, as evidenced also by the black sand beach.

The Vesuvian Baths Nunziante, which were built over the remains of a Roman spa, have the characteristic of having alkaline waters rich in sodium bicarbonate, indicated for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory and skin systems, as well as for degenerative arthropathies .

The archaeological site of Oplontis includes the imperial villa of Poppea, a well-preserved villa characterized by the refinement of the pictorial themes of the decorations, as well as by amazing engineering solutions for that time.

In the past Torre Annunziata was very famous for its numerous and famous pasta factories, of which only a few remain today.

Campania Express ETR 204+214 in partenza da Torre Annunziata-Oplonti (July 2022)

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