Tortoreto (Abruzzo): what to see


What to see in Tortoreto, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest in the historic center and the surroundings, including Chiesa della Misericordia and Lido beach.

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Located in Val Vibrata and bathed by the Adriatic Sea, Tortoreto has very ancient origins that can be found in the medieval village of Tortoreto Alta where, walking through very particular alleys, you get to the Church of Misericordia, in late Romanesque style and dating back to 1348.

In this church, built after a plague epidemic, you can admire the frescoes representing the life and passion of Jesus, dating back to 1526 and the work of the school of Giacomo Bonfini.

The baroque church of Sant'Agostino, with a single nave and a vaulted vault, houses the canvas depicting the Baptism of Sant'Agostino, the work of the painter Mattia Preti.

The parish church of San Nicola, dating back to before the eleventh century and rebuilt in 1534, has an eighteenth-century facade.

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Of the ancient city walls only the Torrione dell’Orologio remains, built in the ninth century by the Normans, subsequently enlarged in the thirteenth century and decorated with Renaissance finishes in the sixteenth century.

The Torrione, which has a stone shoe base and a brickwork body made of red bricks, presents itself with a clock, placed in the central part, and a bell cell on the top.

The archaeological excavations concerning a rustic Roman Villa dating back to the 2nd century BC are also worth a visit.

Tortoreto Lido, with its extensive beach, about four kilometers long and equipped with many bathing establishments, during the summer draws a fair flow of maritime tourism.

In the area around the artificial lake, there is the naturalistic oasis "The sources of the vessel", an ideal environment for many species of birds and fallow deer, characterized by typically lake vegetation.

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