Tournedos alla Rossini: recipe with goose liver


How to make Rossini's tournedos or fillets, recipe for a dish dedicated by Antonin Carême, famous French chef, to the great composer Gioachino Rossini, an exquisite preparation even if a little laborious and expensive.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 4 tournedos of about 2 cm thick, total weight 600 g

- 4 slices of pan carré

- 4 slices of raw goose liver of the same size as the tournedos

- 65 g of butter

- 200 g of demi-glace sauce-glazed seeds-

- 1 tablespoon of white flour

- 1/2 glass of madeira or dry marsala

- 1 black truffle from Norcia

- salt and pepper

How to prepare the Rossini tournedos

Wash, dry and tie the slices of meat with a thin string.

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With the cutter cut four discs from the slices of bread, then fry them in the pan with 40 g of butter, place them on a tray and keep them warm.

Lightly flour the goose liver slices and fry them in the same cooking base as the bread, then keep them warm.

In another pan put 25 g of butter and brown it, add the tournedos and cook for four minutes on each side.

At the end of cooking add salt and pepper, remove the string, arrange them on the slices of bread and cover them with the goose liver slices.

Pour the madeira or dry marsala into the pan where the meat was cooked and, stirring constantly with the wooden spoon, bring to a slight boil, then add the demi-glace sauce.

Mix well and leave on the heat for about five minutes, until it is slightly thickened.

Cut the thin slices of truffle, arrange them on the slices of liver, pour the sauce over the whole preparation and serve immediately hot.

Tournedos Rossini (June 2021)

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