Trasacco (Abruzzo): what to see


What to see in Trasacco, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Church of San Cesidio and the Torre Febonio.

Tourist information

Located on the southern slope of the Fucino basin, Trasacco is located at the foot of the Labbrone and Alto mountains, at the point where Vallelonga begins.

The name Trasacco derives from the Latin terms "trans aquas", which mean "beyond the waters", in this case of Fucino, for its territorial position in relation to Marruvium, the current San Benedetto dei Marsi, which was in the past a important Roman municipality of the Marsa region and the ancient lake of Fucino.

Among the religious architecture to visit is the Church of Saints Cesidio and Rufino which, according to tradition, is said to have been built on what remained of the ancient imperial palace of Claudius, at the behest of Bishop Rufino who, in 237, entrusted the realization to his son Cesidio, who, like his father, later had to suffer martyrdom.

The original church is believed to have been destroyed in 936 as a result of a Hungarian incursion, but was quickly rebuilt.

The current place of worship, in the thirteenth century style, was built over the remains of an older one, as evidenced by some documents kept in the parish archives.

What see

The entire history of Trasacco seems to coincide with that of the basilica, which over time became increasingly important, to the point of being promoted to ecclesiastical see, as reported in the papal bulls of Pope Pasquale II and Pope Clement III in the twelfth century.

The basilica was enlarged several times until 1618, when a fourth nave was added at the behest of Abbot Cicero De Blasis.

Among the civil architecture, the symbol of Trasacco is the Febonio tower, which is characterized by having a particular shape, ie square at the base and cylindrical on the upper part.

The Febonio Tower, which is about 27 meters high, dates back to the eleventh century, excluding the base, which some historians date back to the era of Emperor Claudius.

Among the archaeological sites worth visiting is the Continenza cave which, located between Mount Labbrone and Mount Alto, looks like a shelter 10 meters wide and 15 meters deep.

Trasacco - Aquila - Italia (September 2022)

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