Tunisia: what to see absolutely


Tunisia travel to discover the most beautiful areas, itinerary including regions with many different landscapes and islands with a temperate climate.

What to see absolutely

Organize a trip that includes the regions of Tunisia and the tourist areas of Tunisia made up of the Atlas chain, the Medjerda valley, the chotts region and the Tunisian sahara.

The Atlas Mountains, which occupy a good part of the territory of Tunisia, are located in the northern part of the country as a continuation of the Tellian Atlas and the Algerian Saharian Atlas, whose peaks have altitudes not higher than 1600 meters.

In the central area of ​​the country there is an extensive plateau that gradually descends towards the chotts, or brackish lake basins located below sea level, which in turn, going south, join the Sahara desert giving rise in some places to oasis.

The largest Tunisian river, the Medjerda, flows into the Gulf of Tunis after having crossed the fertile valley enclosed by the mountains.

The coast, with rocks in the north and sand in the south, is characterized by numerous inlets and gulfs, including the Gulf of Gabès, which includes the island of Djerba, and the Gulf of Hamammet.

Djerba, which is the largest island in North Africa and included in the Gulf of Gabes, enjoys a temperate climate and represents a popular international tourist destination.

The Capo Bon peninsula, located in the eastern end of Tunisia, is only 150 km from the coast of Sicily.

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