Ukraine: useful information


Useful information about Ukraine, including all the things you need to know before leaving for a trip or vacation in this state of Eastern Europe.

Ukraine in short

  • Capital: Kiev
  • Surface: 603,700 sq km
  • Population: 45,706,100
  • Religion: mainly Orthodox Christians, followed by Catholic Christians and minorities of Protestants, Jews and belonging to other religions.

Where is it

Ukraine is an Eastern European state, after Russia it is the largest country in Europe, bordered by Romania and Moldova in the south west, Hungary and the Slovak Republic in the west, Poland in the north-west , Belarus to the north and Russia to the northeast and east.

To the south it overlooks the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.

The territory of Ukraine is largely occupied by the Sarmatic Lowland or Russian Plain, moved to the south-east by the Donetsk Highlands and to the west by the Podolian Shelf.

To the west rise the Carpathians, which boast the highest peak in the country, the Overla (2061 meters above sea level)


The rivers of Ukraine are used as a communication route and for hydroelectric production.

The main rivers are the Dnieper, which flows over Ukrainian territory for a long stretch of its route, the Danube, on the border with Romania, the Dniester, the Southern Bug and the Donec, a tributary of the Don.

Svityaz is among the most picturesque lakes in the country, belongs to the group of Shatsk lakes, located in Volinia, at the north-western end of Ukraine, near the borders with Poland and Belarus.


Ukraine's climate in inland areas is temperate continental.

The northeastern area, affected by the Siberian breezes, and the northern area of ​​the country, have harsh winters and relatively hot summers.

On the coast, temperatures are slightly warmer than inland areas.

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The population is mainly made up of Ukrainians (78.1%) and Russians (17.3%). The remainder is made up of minorities of Tatars, Belarusians, Moldovans, Jews and others.

Time zone

The time difference in Ukraine is one hour ahead of Italy.

Spoken language

The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian.


After the transition from a planned communist economy to a market economy, the liberal-oriented reforms that the various governments have more or less attempted to implement have had to measure up to Ukraine's dependence on Russia, both for as regards the energy needs of gas and oil, both because Russia is the main market outlet for Ukraine for its agricultural and industrial products.

The tertiary sector employs about half of the active population, which for the remainder is employed in agriculture, the land is fertile and is largely cultivated, and in industry, especially in the metallurgical sector.

The subsoil is rich in resources, next to the coal and anthracite deposits of the Donbass basin, there are abundant deposits of ferrous minerals and manganese.

When to go

The best time to visit Ukraine coincides with the summer months. Winter is very cold in most of Ukraine.

Necessary documents

To enter Ukraine you need a passport with a residual validity of at least 6 months upon entering the country.

For citizens of EU countries, an entry visa is not necessary if the period of stay for tourism purposes is less than 90 days.


- The area code for calling from Italy to Ukraine is: 00380

- The area code for making calls from Ukraine to Italy is: 0039

As for the use of mobile phones in Ukraine, the roaming service is quite expensive, therefore the purchase of a prepaid sim card on the spot is recommended.


The electric current is 220V, 50Hz. To use the electrical instruments brought from Italy, no adapters are required.


The official currency of Ukraine is the Hryvnia (UAH). The currency exchange can be made at banks or exchange offices throughout the country.

The use of the main credit and debit cards is generally widespread, except in small urban centers or in rural areas.

How to get

By air
There are two airports in Kiev: Kiev Zhuliany and Kiev-Boryspil, the country's main airport.

UIA -Ukraine International Airlines, Alitalia, Wizz Air, Wizz Air Ukraine offer direct flights between Italy and Ukraine.


Mandatory vaccinations are not required to visit Ukraine, but anti-Diphtheria vaccination is recommended.

It is advisable not to drink tap water and use caution when choosing food products.

Before departure, it is recommended to take out health insurance that covers medical costs and those for a possible repatriation.

Basic Ukrainian phrases (May 2021)

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