Useful and complete pc programs to download for free


Collection of free computer programs divided into categories to download directly, via download, from the respective websites of the manufacturers.

Download complete programs for free

There are several useful programs on the net to be installed on your PC that can be freely downloaded.

When referring to computer programs, the contract with which the software can be equipped is indicated as a license.

The author specifies in this contract the ways of using his pc program and can impose the license on the end user only if he holds the copyright or author's right on it.

In this case the license must be accepted and this is done using the program.

The license is submitted for acceptance before downloading the program by requesting a registration while in others acceptance is required during the installation of the software itself.

It should be reiterated that it is very important to read the licenses carefully before using the program because it is legally mandatory to respect them.

Free software

This type of software has the symbol gnu and is characterized by being released with a license that allows anyone to use it, analyze it, modify it and redistribute it.

Open source software

This definition refers to software that follows certain distribution agreements that make the source code publicly available.

In some cases, there may be restrictions on free software, such as a ban on redistribution or modification of software.

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