Vacation homes: how to rent an apartment or house


How to rent houses and apartments for holidays, tourist rental of a house or apartment in the best locations.

RECOMMENDED for renting a holiday apartment

Italy vacation rentals

Apartments and holiday homes in Italy, considered the holiday resort par excellence thanks to the beauty of its mountain peaks, its coastal strip and its sea.

Ideal for lovers of culture and art who can vent their passion in many beautiful cities and archaeological sites, for those who love the sea and sunbathing who will find splendid equipped beaches and clean sea, for mountain enthusiasts who will not see time to go hiking in the Alps and the Apennines with stops in the many and picturesque villages.

Holiday apartments Austria

Austria is one of the countries belonging to Europe most chosen by tourists in all seasons. This is thanks to the beauties of the landscape present wherever you move.

United States vacation rentals

Many cheap vacation apartments available for rent and vacation homes to rent are located in Florida, a country that offers countless attractions and forms of entertainment that can fill even several days of stay while keeping boredom away.

There are sandy beaches, amusement and national parks, golf courses, lively ports from which interesting cruises are always departing.

During the Christmas and Easter periods, Florida is in great demand by American citizens as a holiday resort thanks to the good chance of having good weather with mild temperatures.

For those who love the heat, summer is the ideal season with maximum peaks of heat and humidity.

Czech Republic holiday apartments

The Czech Republic has many natural beauties and its beautiful cities are rich in monuments and places where important cultural events take place.

In general, the inhabitants are very hospitable and are divided into Czechs in the west, Moravians in the south-east and Silesians in the north-west.

Portugal vacation rentals

Despite being a small state, Portugal has a long and important history, rich in exceptional landscapes with alternating historical places full of culture that annually attract a considerable number of tourists.

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In many villages centuries-old traditions have survived with women totally dressed in black and wagons towed by donkeys that demonstrate a great attachment of citizens to their history.

The landscape presents a considerable variety such that going from north to south you go from the mountains to the hills rich in olive trees, to the fields cultivated with cereals alternating with meadows of intense green.

Ireland vacation rentals

Ireland is also called a green island because of the immense grasslands and pastures with which it is well equipped.

The weather is very changeable and for this reason it is customary to say that in this state the four seasons can be lived in one day.

In fact, if a strong storm is able to bring down the temperature even by several degrees, it is not uncommon to see immediately after the sun ready to warm the atmosphere again, creating plays of light and special effects with rainbow on the landscape.

In addition to the beautiful natural landscapes, there are also many historical places to visit, especially those where there are forms and figures of superfine beauty dating back to the Celtic era.

Many castles, fortress ruins, old monasteries and Celtic crosses contribute to making a virtual journey into the past.

In Ireland you can also practice many sports including fishing, golf, horse riding, cycling and rowing with excellent equipment.

Slovakia vacation rentals

Rent cheap holiday apartments in Slovakia where the small mountain range of the high and low Tetras is located.

The landscape is very varied thanks to the peaks of the mountains, the high altitude lakes, the rushing streams, the rivers and the great caves in a traditional country with many attractions for those who love traveling.

Turkey vacation rentals

Turkey is considered a land that marks the border between eastern and western countries, geographically constituted as a very large peninsula with thousands of kilometers of coastline extending from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, with the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea west.

The Bosphorus Strait, the Marmara Sea and the Dardanelles Strait divide the European part from the Asian part. The cultural variety of this land is very large with the proximity of the bell towers of the churches and minarets, the sweet smell of the bakeries, the anise of the raki, the aroma of the various specialties, the morning alarm clock of the muezzin, the clamor of the traders in the bazaar, the peace and tranquility of ancient cities such as Troy, Pergamum, Ephesus.

Pamukkale is a place where there are spectacular waterfalls and limestone terraces while in Didyma there are the remains of the oracle of Apollo which was questioned by the kings about the future. In Cappadocia you can see the places where the first Christians found refuge at the time of the persecutions.

Turkey is often called the largest open-air museum where there are also opportunities to have fun in the wonderful sandy beaches overlooking a crystal clear sea, in secluded bays full of coniferous groves alternating with oleanders.

France vacation rentals

It is a nation bathed by three seas and with two of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe. The landscape is very varied with lowlands, rivers, lakes and swamps, hilly regions rich in woods, extinct volcanoes, mountains with some peaks covered with snow together with extensive sandy beaches with rocks and inlets hidden on some coasts.

There are many opportunities for culture and to learn about the history of this country.

Vacation rentals Switzerland

The Swiss landscape is divided into four areas, the largest of which is characterized by the presence of the Alps.

To the north of the Alps lies the central plateau and rising towards the northern borders extends the Jura, another important mountain range.

Ticino is the sunniest region in Switzerland located south of the Alps.

Germany holiday apartments

Germany is also a state that offers tourists many opportunities to rent cheap holiday apartments for a holiday.

The varied landscapes range from sea to mountains, from the plain to the coast passing through the hills with forests to reach the Bavarian Alps.

Croatia vacation rentals

Croatia can be defined as a crossroads between the west, the east, central Europe and southern Europe.

After the recent war ended at the end of the last century, this nation has worked hard to push tourism with the creation of many new infrastructures suitable for swimmers and water sports enthusiasts.

During the summer tourists mainly concentrate in Dubrovnik, Zadar, Sibenik, Istria and Dalmatia.

Great Britain holiday apartments

For many, going to Britain is the same as going to London, but this country rich in millenary traditions offers countless additional attractions.

Just think of the beautiful Scotland, the Snowdonia in Wales and the lake area. This country is crossed by many rivers and canals that cross green valleys and natural parks of rare beauty.

Not to mention the cities where monuments, cathedrals, castles, fortresses, museums and other historical buildings are there to tell the most ancient stories.

Houses for rent Poland

Poland located in the center of Europe is a state whose origins are lost in the maze of time with troubled historical periods.

Today you can spend a nice holiday here thanks to the artistic heritage present and the suggestive landscape with the sandy beaches located on the Baltic Sea, the lake region, the Tatra mountain range, castles and fortresses, very beautiful cities including Krakow .

Hungary holiday apartments

In Hungary there is Lake Balaton which represents the largest lake in Central Europe and the region in which it is located is renowned for being a heavenly place that seems to have been made especially for those families with children who want to be calm and for those who love water sports.

From here you can reach Budapest in about 1 hour by car along the convenient motorway section.

This city which is the capital has several places of tourist and historical interest including the Roman amphitheater and the Turkish baths.

Belgium house rentals

Belgium is suitable for holidays dedicated to outdoor sports along the coast or in the Ardennes. Furthermore, for those who prefer culture, there are very beautiful cities full of history.

Belgium has given birth to important painters and also for this reason it is very rich in museums concentrated mainly in the north of Flanders.

Greece holiday apartments

Greece is often defined as the cradle of mythology where the names of Zeus, Hera, Artemis and Apollo are of great effect, dragging the tourist overwhelmingly into the past events of ancient Greek history by means of the convincing testimonies that make the memory of those times indelible grandiose.

Greece is also full of breathtaking landscapes with magnificent sandy or pebbly beaches, small hidden bays, imposing cliffs overlooking the sea and caves, combined with patches of lush vegetation among very picturesque citadels.

Greece joins the southern part of the Balkans with the Peloponnese and the numerous islands of the Aegean sea. The highest mountain is the Olympus which reaches almost three thousand meters above sea level.

Spain villas for rent

Cheap holiday apartments in the Iberian Peninsula which constitutes the western European end and represents a classic holiday destination.

With long beaches for sunbathing and the many cultural and artistic places in the interior, it is possible to move between changing landscapes using the convenient road and motorway network to reach the most suggestive places.

Rent apartments and cheap holiday homes in places of interest

To undertake independently organized trips there are numerous offers of holiday apartments and holiday home rentals for each tourist destination.

The holiday homes in Sardinia, an island located in the center of the western Mediterranean where ancient traditions have been kept, Liguria, with its Mediterranean climate in a mountainous territory open on a warm sea despite the high latitude, Tuscany, with its great wealth of monuments and works of art famous all over the world, Sicily, the largest region of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean with the capital Palermo, Marche, with the predominantly hilly territory, Puglia, the region of continental Italy with the largest coastline, Croatia, a parliamentary republic where Croatian is spoken, Barcelona, ​​located on a plain at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea between the Pyrenees mountain range and Col du Perthus at the mouths of the Besòs and Llobregat rivers , Greece, located in the southern end of the Balkan peninsula and considered the cradle of democracy, ideal apartments for a va canza al mare or in trentino, courmayeur rentals, located in Valdigne which is a valley in the upper part of the Aosta Valley, houses for rent for the New Year period or for the Immaculate Conception, studio apartment for a Caribbean vacation.

If you want to book low cost apartments and holiday homes all over the world, you have to make different considerations about the places of greatest interest.

Much sought after are for example the houses in seaside resorts for totally relaxing holidays, apartments in the center of Rome where, among many other things to see, there are the Baths of Caracalla which constitute one of the greatest examples of imperial spas, being still preserved for much of their original structure.

The offer of cheap holiday apartments in Umbria is also very interesting, where numerous folkloristic events take place at various times of the year, designed to appeal to tourism.

Another place to stay in a holiday home is Sardinia, or the one from which the launeddas originate which are a musical instrument with swing reed of ancient origins built using different types of reeds capable of producing polyphony and played with the breathing technique circular.

Do not forget for a holiday apartment the hills of Tuscany where the Etruscans were present in ancient times and for this reason the region had taken the name of Etruria before even Tuscia and later Tuscany.

Otherwise, in southern Italy for a holiday in Puglia, the idea of ​​an apartment in the Gargano area also called the spur of Italy is not to be dismissed as it stretches for several kilometers in the Adriatic Sea giving rise to the Gulf of Manfredonia.

Sicily also has a varied offer of apartments and holiday homes, a territory once a colony of Magna Graecia and Carthage or Liguria, very famous in the world for its renowned locations such as the Cinque Terre, Camogli and Portofino.

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