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What to see in Vancouver, attractions and places of interest, itinerary to discover the city and its parks, from Gastown to Grouse Mountain.

Tourist information

Vancouver is a city in Canada located in the province of British Columbia, on a peninsula overlooking the Strait of Georgia, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

The city is located in a beautiful natural setting, between the blue of the ocean and the snow-capped peaks of spectacular mountains, easily reached by a cable car located near the city center.

In front of it, beyond the Strait of Georgia and along the south coast of British Columbia, the island of Vancouver extends, at a distance of about 90 minutes by ferry from the mainland.

The city enjoys a milder climate than other Canadian cities, has many green areas, and surrounded by unspoiled nature.

The atmosphere that reigns in the city is on a human scale, despite the numerous skyscrapers that distinguish the urban landscape.

Traffic is flowing, the lifestyle is peaceful, its goal is to become, by 2020, the urban center with the highest sustainable development requirements in the world.

Vancouver is a multi-ethnic city where, in addition to the French and the British who arrived in the last century, a large number of immigrants have been added, mainly represented by Chinese from the Hong Kong area, Pakistanis and Indians from the Punjab region.

What see

Gastown: is the oldest part of Vancouver, a pleasant series of cobbled streets, cafes and shops.

Named after John Jack Gassy Deighton, sailor and steamship captain, who settled in the area in 1867 by opening the first saloon.

In this neighborhood, on the corner of Cambie Street and Water Street, there is a particular steam clock, which has become a curious tourist attraction.

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Grouse Mountain: located just 15 minutes by car from the city center, at 1100 meters above sea level, this tourist resort offers the possibility of skiing in winter, hiking, mountain biking, or paragliding in summer.

At 300 meters, a cable car, SkyRide, allows you to quickly overcome the difference in height and comfortably reach the top of the mountain.

Vanier Park: municipal park located in the Kitsilano district, boasts a splendid view of downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park.

It is home to the Vancouver Museum, Vancouver Maritime Museum, City of Vancouver Archives and H.R. MacMillan Space Center.

Stanley Park: This is a huge park in downtown Vancouver that offers many entertainment options, including a 9 kilometer walk overlooking the ocean, a network of paths between the rainforest and park, connected to the promenade and the beaches, where they find an outdoor swimming pool, restaurants and the Aquarium with an interesting marine life.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: park located west of Grouse Mountain, can be easily reached in a few minutes by car from the city center.

The visit to the park allows you to take a healthy walk in the open air, crossing a forest of ancient fir trees, walking on a long and swinging suspension bridge at a height of 70 meters on the river, the main attraction of the park.

Furthermore, walking along Cliffwalk, which is a narrow walkway protruding from the cliff on a cliff, in some parts paved with glass, visitors can perceive the feeling of emptiness, an experience not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo.

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