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What to see in Vasto, a town located in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo near Punta pen and located on a clay terrace overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Tourist information

Vasto, probably founded by Illyrian populations in 200 AD, was destroyed and rebuilt several times.

Among the main places to visit is the Palazzo d'Avalos, which is an exceptional example of well-made architecture, where Vittoria Colonna stayed for some time.

The Cathedral of San Giuseppe in its original form dates back to the thirteenth century, at that time it was dedicated to Saint Augustine.

The church was enlarged in the 19th and 20th centuries, only the rose window on the north side and a few other elements remain of the original layout, as in the 16th century the church was besieged by the Saracens and very badly damaged.

In 1895 it was restored in the Gothic style taking on the function of a Cathedral, with a single-nave interior paved in green and white, with cross vaults.

What see

The church of Santa Maria Maggiore dates back to 1196 with a bell tower from the 1300s, built on top of an existing bastion and decorated with mullioned windows.

The Baroque façade is small in size, as it is almost entirely occupied by the base of the bell tower, while the rear part without an apse is perfectly visible and decorated with a large window.

Inside there are important works of art, including paintings attributed to Paolo Veronese, the Titian School and Francesco Solimena.

In the right aisle there are the tombs of the d'Avalos.

The cathedral of San Giuseppe, dating back to 1200, is certainly worth a visit, although only the facade remains of the original appearance, while the interior is completely redone.

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To the south of the historic center is the equipped beach of Marina di Vasto, where there are hotels and a small port.

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