Veal with tuna sauce, mayonnaise, anchovies and lemon capers


How to make veal with tuna sauce and mayonnaise, a lemon juice recipe that includes carrots, capers and anchovies, to be cooked in a casserole.

Ingredients for 6 portions

- a few bay leaves

- 100 gr. of tuna in oil

- mayonnaise

- lemon juice

- olive oil

- 3-4 anchovies

- 800 gr. Veal pulp

- 2 celery

- 3 onions

- 3 carrots

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- a little capers

Preparation of veal with tuna sauce

Boil the veal meat in a little boiling salted water, with the celery, onions, carrots and bay leaf, leaving it to cook over moderate heat for approx. 1 hour.

Pour the meat into another saucepan that contains it right, wetting it with 2-3 ladles of the cooking broth and the ½ lemon juice.

Boil it slowly in a covered saucepan for approx. ¼ of an hour.

When it is cold, drain the meat and let it rest for a few hours.

Sift the anchovies with the tuna diluting with a couple of spoonfuls of veal broth, add the mayonnaise, mix well, then cut the meat into slices, arrange it on the plate and pour the sauce over it, sprinkle with chopped capers and put in a cool place .

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