Vegetarian and vegan: difference between two types of diet


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Differences between vegetarians and vegans

Vegetarians do not eat meat and fish, while vegans have more restrictive rules which add to those observed by a vegetarian.

In fact, a vegan, in addition to not eating meat and fish, also excludes the ingestion of all those products that derive from an animal, that is, it does not even feed on milk, dairy products, eggs and honey.

In addition to what unites them and distinguishes them in the food field, both try to avoid the use of cosmetic products made with ingredients of animal origin or that have been tested on animals.

In addition, leather garments are banned, for vegans in addition to this, silk, goose down and wool are also prohibited.

In summary, vegetarians are against the killing of animals, while vegans, in addition to this, also against their exploitation, thus excluding, in fact, also any type of breeding.

The vegan feeds only on vegetables, the vegetarian instead includes eggs, dairy products and derivatives in his diet.

In both cases, as you can guess, it is not only a form of nutrition different from the norm but also a real vision of the world, which considers the feeding of living beings belonging to the animal kingdom, as well as a dietary error, a huge atrocity.

There are different opinions about the advantages and disadvantages.

Some argue that vegetarians and vegans deprive themselves of important nutrients, while others are convinced that these fat-free diets promote a greater intake of vitamins and antioxidant substances.

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