Venafro (Molise): what to see


What to see in Venafro, an itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Roman Amphitheater, Cathedral, Pandone Castle and National Museum.

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Known in ancient times with the name of Venafrum, the town of Molise extends at the foot of Mount Santa Croce in the Volturno river valley.

In the inhabited center and in the surrounding area there are interesting Roman remains, including the theater, the amphitheater and the imposing venafran aqueduct.

Among the monuments of greatest artistic interest is the beautiful late Romanesque cathedral, of which the central portal of the facade, decorated in the archivolt by two lions, the three apses built using Roman funeral materials and the wonderful internal frescoes dating back to period between 1300 and 1400.

Palazzo Caracciolo, is a crenellated fortress from the 1400s with the presence of Renaissance decorative elements.

Noteworthy is the Baroque Church of the Annunziata, the result of a significant renovation including the remains of the ancient Romanesque facade.

The Archaeological Museum, housed in the deconsecrated convent of Santa Chiara, holds interesting testimonies relating to the Roman Venafro.

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Pandone Castle, originates from a Roman fortification, built over the remains of a pre-existing building of Samnite origin.

In the Lombard period, around the tenth century, a quadrangular enclosure was erected in the same complex, including some towers, including the one located on the north side of today's castle.

Inside you can admire a fourteenth-century staircase, in addition to the main floor and the balcony of the Racing Horses.

Of particular interest are the beautiful arched loggia and the Sala del Cavallo of Carlo V, a specimen donated to the emperor in gratitude for having invested Count Enrico with the prestigious office of Duke in Boiano.

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In one wing of the Castle there is the National Museum of Molise, where paintings from the early Christian and modern ages are kept.

Other spaces that deserve to be seen in the Castle of Venafro, to complete the visit, are the Salone dei Conti, the Sala del Teatrino and the enchanting garden.

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