Video card: how to mount the pc graphic manager


Guide to the assembly of a video card in the computer, the component that manages the graphic part of the PC, with a step-by-step DIY procedure.

Video graphics card assembly

The video card affects video performance and it is not to be overlooked that there is also a dvi socket as well as the classic vga given the growing number of lcd monitors with digital output.

It is used to generate an electrical output signal that can be shown on a monitor via vga or dvi outputs.

The current video cards have a graphic chipset and ram memory in abundance to better manage the 2d and 3d accelerations that increase the realism of the calculated images taking into account the incoming data.

The chipset can be divided into 2D engine and 3D accelerator.

The 2D engine is the part of the graphics chipset that provides the creation of images of 2D applications.

The 3D accelerator, on the other hand, improves the graphic performance of 3D applications and makes the difference in some graphics programs and video games.

The information that will be reproduced on the monitor is stored in the graphics card memory.

With a good amount of video memory it is possible to reproduce a greater number of colors at the highest settable video resolutions.

A better video card results in better graphics quality especially in the field of video games as the newer video games require a huge amount of resources compared to other uses of the PC.

Except for the latest generation of video games, for which much attention must be paid to the power of the graphics processor and the ram memory installed, we can say that today any video card on the market, which is still in production, is fine in any configuration.

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What we must first check is the compatibility with the slots (slots on the motherboard) for which it is recommended to read the manual of the motherboard or go to see the features on the manufacturer's website.

Mounting a video card is not a difficult thing.

Just mount it in the special slot on the motherboard easily recognizable once we have the video card in your hands by the arrangement of the contact pins that will be inserted firmly and then you will have to lock the card with the appropriate block.

The back side of the card will match the holes on the back of the case.

Once this is done, just close the computer and, after connecting it to the mains, press the power button.

The operating system will ask for the drivers supplied with the card that will be installed using the supplied diskette.

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