Vigo di Cadore (Veneto): what to see


What to see in Vigo di Cadore, itinerary of the main places of interest and excursions to do, ski slopes and cultural itineraries, including the Church of Sant'Orsola, the Church of San Martino and the Church of the Defense, the latter dedicated to the Madonna.

Tourist information

Vigo di Cadore is a town that is located at 951 m a.s.l. between Monte Tudaio and Popera, on the left bank of the Piave river and immersed in the enchanting Dolomite landscape, in the province of Belluno.

The municipality is made up of the five villages of Vigo, Laggio, Pelos, Piniè and Treponti, places that boast natural, historical and artistic attractions.

From Vigo di Cadore begins the Val Piova, which reaches 1745 meters above sea level with the Casera Razzo plateau, a pleasant landscape characterized by expanses of pastures dotted with huts and huts, ideal for making beautiful excursions during the summer.

In Casera Razzo, there is a 5 km cross-country track named after the great champion Maurilio De Zolt.

In addition there are ski lifts for downhill skiing and snowboarding.

What see

Vigo di Cadore, of Roman origins, as evidenced by some archaeological finds, offers interesting cultural itineraries, the result of the religious faith and civilian activity of the population of Cadore.

There are in fact numerous ancient sacred buildings, among them the valuable Church of Sant’Orsola, located between the houses of the town.

It is a small building dating back to the fourteenth century, of great historical and artistic importance, with beautiful frescoes inside and on the external facades.

The Church of San Martino is also very beautiful, the oldest and most important of the sacred buildings in Vigo di Cadore which, in its current structure dates back to 1559 and represents the result of an eighteenth-century expansion with which the side naves were added, giving a more balanced and geometric overall appearance at the temple.

The church was established parish church since 1208 and is dedicated to San Martino, the figure who in popular religiosity is associated with the challenge against disease and death.

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The Church of the Madonna della Difesa, a small building with a great artistic heritage, was built towards the end of the fifteenth century.

The Church of San Martino, the Church of the Madonna della Difesa, the bell tower, the curtain and the nearby rectory, overlook the town.

Do not forget that in Vigo di Cadore there is the important Cadorina Historical Library, founded in 1892 by the historian Antonio Ronzon and based in the former municipal building, which boasts a prestigious collection of testimonies concerning Cadore.

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