Vol au vent with mushrooms: recipe with mayonnaise and tuna


How to make vol au vent with puff pastry, mushroom recipe with tuna and mayonnaise, ingredients and quick preparation process, for an easy and tasty appetizer.

Ingredients for 6 people

- n. 6 vol au vent of puff pastry

- gr. 100 finely chopped veal

- gr. 50 of pickled mushrooms

- gr. 50 of tuna

- mayonnaise

- 6 vol-au vent

- 1 glass of white vinegar

- garlic and parsley

How vol au vents are made and filled

In a narrow container, put the meat to marinate, covering it with a glass of white vinegar, also adding a few cloves of garlic.

After six hours of marinating, remove the meat from the vinegar and drain it.

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Meanwhile, chop the mushrooms and tuna, then add them to the meat.

Add the mayonnaise to the mixture and mix all the ingredients.

Fill the vol-au vents and decorate them with mayonnaise and parsley.

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