What are the colors of the rainbow in order


List of primary colors of the rainbow in order, going from the inside to the outside, definition and how this spectacular natural light arch is formed in the sky.

Rainbow phenomenon

It is a luminous phenomenon that originates a natural arch where seven contiguous bands can be observed, each corresponding to a different color.

The primary colors of the rainbow, proceeding from the inside to the outside, are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

It is possible to witness the phenomenon of the rainbow when you are with the sun behind you that illuminates a cloud with rain that is instead in front of you.

Wanting to provide an explanation, it can be said that visible light breaks down into the spectrum of colors that compose it.

The rainbow is formed as a result of the refraction and reflection of the sun's rays filtered through drops of water.

As soon as a ray of sunshine enters within a drop it refracts, while on the opposite wall it reflects, since the latter behaves in the same way as a concave mirror.

As it exits the drop, the ray refracts a second time, and it is this second refraction that breaks down the white sunlight into the seven primary colors of the spectrum.

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