What are the origins of the internet, evolution and development


Development, growth and transformation of the internet starting from distant origins, to be known in order to better appreciate all the great advantages available today.

Origins of the internet

The Internet originated in the distant 1960s from a project by the US Ministry of Defense, which was launched in the midst of the cold war.

The main objective of this ambitious project was to be able to find an effective solution that could allow communications from the American military structure even in the event of a nuclear war.

The solution conceived by ARPA, the government agency in charge of the development of the project, was to create an infinite series of alternative routes capable of circulating information in any condition, achieving the aim of protecting the transmission of the data flow sent .

The roads of this first communication network, which was called Arpanet, had to connect nodes capable of processing, transmitting and receiving data in any situation, even in the event of a nuclear attack.

In practice, each node had to be able to choose, if necessary, an alternative way to reach another destination node, addressing the data with the help of other available channels.

The management of the data flow, to be transmitted through this telecommunication network, was entrusted to electronic elaborators to replace the normal telephone exchanges.

Evolution of the internet

The internet network had a great expansion especially starting from the creation of the World Wide Web, commonly known with the acronym WWW, which made it possible to display data as well as textual also including images, videos, sounds and music, reproducible on all computers of connected users.

The web has made it easy to explore the available resources, through the numerous search engines we know and the network of links in the documents available on the net.

Today the Internet makes available to each user all kinds of information available in real time through special programs installed on their PC or smartphone, the so-called browsers, which allow the user to navigate to discover an infinite sea of ​​information.


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