What are the periods in which you dream a lot?


Theories of the periods in which we dream a lot, differences between the initial, central and final phase of the dream and repercussions on what we can remember of the dream we had.

Know the periods when you dream a lot

There are many people who believe that the last hours before waking up are those in which most dreams occur, especially for a better ability to remember the dream.

To understand the best periods of the night to dream, one must start from the concept of dream, or of that phenomenon, linked to the phase in which a person sleeps, which consists in the sensation of actually perceiving sounds and images that seem real, a state of subconscious which has a tendency to manifest itself more decisively in the rem phase or the defined phase of dreams, in which the brain material is overactive with a large production and consumption of glucose, together with the oxygen which gives rise to a real simulation of a full intellectual activity quite similar to daytime.

The widespread belief that one dreams most in the morning, has no scientific basis, one can only recognize that during the early hours of the day there is the transition from the rem phase to a phase of light sleep, often recognized as half-sleep, or that situation in which one sleeps alternately, giving the possibility to the subject to remember more the dreams made immediately before waking up than those that occurred in the deepest sleep phases.

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