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Definition of the term autistic, what it derives from and symptoms of autism perceptible in the eyes of the observer who notices behavioral patterns considered typical of the syndrome.

Meaning of autistic

Kanner's syndrome, commonly known with the term autism, is the neuro-psychiatric disorder that involves the entire brain function of the autistic subject who turns out to have no contact with the real world with refusal of any relationship with other people.

As you can easily guess, it is a serious pathology that manifests itself clearly within the first three years of life, but already from the first months the baby often does not respond to the gaze in the mother, showing a total absence of eye contact, in practice not the eyes meet as it normally should.

Further symptoms of autism risk are the lack of manifestation of language or at most words and phrases repeated in spurts but without a real communicative intention.

The autistic person is attracted to mechanical movements, such as that of a drum of a washing machine that runs or certain types of machinery, hardly accepts changes in the environment that surrounds it, manifests swinging movements.

Distress crises are not uncommon and can occasionally be followed by self-injurious or aggressive behavior towards other people.

The causes of autism are not yet precisely known, a widespread opinion among researchers is that there is no single cause underlying it, but that it is the result of a set of disorders with different reasons.

Various types of brain dysfunction have been identified but genetic factors are believed to be the main causes of the disease, while environmental factors could contribute to aggravating the symptoms of autism.

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