What does blog mean: from personal diary to website


Definition of blogs, characteristics of this modern means of expression on the web that you hear so much about every day.

Meaning of blog

In the internet age, a blog can be defined as the modern version of the paper diary that was once held by some to tell their stories and write on any topic deemed interesting.

Like the old diary, a blog is personal, manageable directly and without any intermediation by the person who opens it, to express one's thoughts with various kinds of reflections and reasoning.

It is basically a website where you can write simply, without technical complications and freely.

A blog must reside on a server, or a special computer connected to the internet which anyone can access from another location to read its contents.

There are free spaces where, after a simple registration, an account is created in order to create your blog easily.

If on the one hand this is the simplest thing, on the other it does not allow you to have the blog on your own personal domain, which is instead possible if you buy a web space from a hosting provider.

In the latter case, it will be necessary to obtain information in order to install and configure the cms script, the English abbreviation for Content Management System, but the consequent effort will be amply rewarded in the case of future developments of the blog created, which will remain permanently accessible via the url address of the registered domain.

To create a blog there are no predefined themes, you can write on any topic on which you consider yourself competent, doing it with great passion so as not to risk falling into banality.

The most popular blogs are those of information, politics, stories and stories, sports and much more.

Those who run their own blog are called bloggers in jargon, they are characters united by the desire to leave a mark in the sea of ​​the internet, to divulge their ideas or share their knowledge.

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