What does guantanamera mean: from the town to the singing poem


Meaning of the word guantanamera, from what it derives and what does the term become famous for the famous song that bears it as its title.

Guantanamera meaning

Many people have long wondered what guantanamera means, especially because of the pleasant melody of the homonymous Cuban popular song of international success.

This singing masterpiece dates back to the nineteenth century as a poem, but has been reworked several times as a song since 1930, until it reached the great success achieved by the sixties version that brought it to the top of popularity even in the following decades.

It is a serenade in the form of a poem in bolero rhythm dedicated to a peasant woman from the city of Guantanamo on the island of Cuba.

Linked to the independence struggles of the time, it combines patriotic values ​​with a distinctly romantic character.

In summary, Guantanamera therefore means a town of Guantanamo.

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