What does tamarro mean: particular style of dressing and behaving


Meaning of tamarro, what does this term used to indicate the behavior and ways of doing of a particular person mean.

What does tamarro mean?

Tamarro is a word used, especially in the language of young people, as a derogatory adjective referring above all to attitudes and lifestyles including worn clothes, clothing accessories and particular behavioral models of a young man who tries to adapt to ways of doing that are not his own. but it does so excessively, often vulgar.

These are people considered by the right-thinking, rough and not worthy of any esteem.

The origin of the term is southern, probably of Arab derivation, with an equivalent meaning as a date seller.

Tamarri are individuals who often have many tattoos on their skin, use a language that in some cases abounds with profanity, a very high and aggressive tone of voice that aims to create opportunities for quarrel.

In short, in one way or another, a tamarro never goes unnoticed for the reasons described above and a marked behavior that is vain and full of itself.

Sometimes a tamarro is defined as someone who is considered a bully who takes pleasure in engaging in abuses to harm others.

Another widely used definition is that of a young provincial or suburban, wanting to indicate in this way the belonging to a lower social class.

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