What is a comet?


How a comet is formed, theories and composition of a cosmic body that makes an elliptical orbit around the sun, giving the impression with the naked eye of being suspended in the sky.

Definition of comet

It is believed that a comet, a celestial body and a star where a nucleus and a tail are distinguishable, is made up of rocky particles and dust held together by a mixture of frozen gas and ice.

Its orbit around the Sun makes it appear as suspended in the sky like the moon.

Apparently a comet appears to be moving slowly, but in reality its body travels through outer space at the same speed as a planet rotating around the sun.

Science believes that comets consist of residues originating from the condensation of the nebula from which the solar system originated, whose peripheral areas would have been cold enough to allow water a solid form instead of gaseous.

The composition of a comet largely includes volatile substances, including carbon dioxide and methane, with traces of dust and minerals of various types.

What Is A Comet? (July 2020)

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