What is the Milky Way?


Definition of Milky Way, what it is made of, how to find the milky way in the night sky, which is the triangle of stars to identify it.

What is our galaxy called

The Milky Way is the name of a large band of stars that stretches across the night sky.

When we look at the Milky Way, we are looking into the large cluster of stars that make up our Galaxy.

The Milky Way can be identified by looking for the star triangle made up of Vega, in the Lyra constellation, Deneb, in the Swan constellation, Altair, in the Eagle constellation.

From Italy the stars that help identify the Milky Way are visible looking south, just above the horizon.

It is necessary to specify that our galaxy is not visible during all the months of the year, as it is only seen well during the summer, while during the winter, when the sun is in the constellation of Sagittarius, it is totally obscured the sight.

What Is The Milky Way? (January 2023)

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