What it means to truly love a person


Meaning of truly loving a person, what it means to be yourself in the total involvement of a feeling of authentic love towards another person.

What it really means to love someone

Loving is the experience of sentimental transport to another person, an engaging attitude characterized by the sensuality typical of being in love.

To love is to give oneself totally without demanding anything in return, to cover one's loved one with attention without any effort because this way of behaving is done naturally.

Loving includes small and large daily gestures, the commitment to demonstrate one's love for the other person, to spend loving words without greed, to want the happiness of the partner.

Loving naturally becomes mutual, the more you love and the more you are loved, keeping the passion alive in the couple feeds love and despite the passing of the years keeps it alive, your loved one is the only truly friend and always present, ready to support and understanding.

Those who love each other naturally want to be together, to do many things together respecting the freedom of the other, with confidence and without obsessive suspicions.

Loving each other is a concept that must be experienced personally, it is difficult to explain in words as it is special emotions that make us forget the problems for a few moments, raise morale and make believe that nothing is impossible.

Love requires dedication and sacrifice, open dialogue to overcome the adversities that are always lurking along the tortuous paths of life.

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