Why are the planets called so?


Origin of the name and why the planets are called so, with the reasons that led the ancients to call them that way, between Greek Roman legends and traditions.

Clarifications on why planets are called so

All planets, except one, are named after the names of the gods attributed to Greek or Roman legends.

Jupiter, which is the largest planet, bears the name of the most powerful king of the Roman gods.

Planet Earth is an exception, as the ancients believed that the planets were in heaven like the gods, while the earth was below.

Mercury, which is the closest planet to the sun, was given the name of the very fast messenger of the gods with wings on their feet, for the speed with which it rotates around the sun.

Venus, being the brightest planet, owes its name to the goddess of love and beauty.

Mars takes its name from the god of war, for its red color like blood, Neptune had the name of the god of the seas for its bluish color, in Pluto instead, the most distant, the coldest and darkest of the planets, the name of the lord of Hades was given, or of the god of the underworld.

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