Why do cicadas sing?


Why do cicadas sing, at what temperature does this phenomenon occur and in what period, what are the specimens for this task and which internal organs are affected.

Song of cicadas

Typical insects of the summer season, belonging to the Cicadidae family, the cicadas are characterized by their typical singing, which they emit almost uninterruptedly remaining hidden among the trees, when the external tempering is quite high, generally above 27 degrees Celsius.

Actually, only the males sing, which exercise their sexual appeal towards the females in this way.

Once the mating has taken place, the female cicada deposits its eggs on the twigs.

Small in size, these eggs, when they hatch, will give birth to small larvae, which will immediately shelter under a layer of earth, remaining there for a few years, or until they are able to dig in order to emerge from the ground.

The sound emitted by cicadas, called chirping, is caused by the timbales, which are laminae located on the abdomen.

These weak sound waves are amplified by particular air chambers, which allow to obtain a greater number of decibels, a unit of measure of sound, sufficient to spread the shrill melody in the surrounding environment.

In summary, we can say that the cicada song is not really a song, but only a particular vibration of some lamina that resonate in special internal cavities.

How the Cicada Sings (June 2021)

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