Work: offers, definition, how to find a job


Useful tips to find work with a review of some useful online services for both job seekers and companies looking for staff with job offers and announcements for those looking for and offering work.

Job applications and offers online is the most popular e-recruitment site in Italy.

It began operating in Italy in July 2004 and after two years, characterized by continuous growth, it has established itself as the first Italian site for internet traffic in the job supply and demand sector.

During this period he obtained over 900,000 registered curricula vitae and more than 20,000 advertiser companies.

Definition of work

By work we mean the productive activity that occurs when a certain profession or particular profession is practiced as a productive activity aimed at satisfying various needs.

Working indicates the occupation of time to do something to obtain economic remuneration in most cases.

The worker is the one who does the work that a counterparty, called an employer if employee, can have with whom a fixed-term or permanent employment relationship is established.

When it comes to self-employment or freelance work, the counterparty is the customer to whom the goods or services are sold.

Working, he takes the time to perform a certain task in order to obtain an income in the majority of cases, in order to maintain it.

The person who works is also called a worker and has a busy status while the person who for whatever reason does not work is said to be unemployed.

In the case of subordinate or dependent work there is the figure of the employer as a counterpart who hires the candidate to perform one or more tasks for his company, while in the case of a self-employed worker the counterpart is represented by the customer to whom the own products or services.

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How to find work today

Without a doubt, finding a job today is not easy and for this reason we must put our utmost effort into highlighting our potential.

To find work, we must first get out of the idea of ​​demanding one in particular. The work experiences that can be crucial to being hired are very useful.

We send many job applications and read all the offers.

After forwarding many questions and answering many job offers, suppose you are called to an interview: how to behave?

First of all, stay calm, relax and talk about yourself with sincerity, highlighting your desire to work and all your real qualities.

You have to tell the truth, so avoid cheating.

Arrive on time for the appointment and clothes ordered so that you can give a good impression to your interlocutor.

Don't forget to have passport photos and a curriculum vitae with you. Remember that to find a job you need to know how to sell your skills, gaining the trust of those who listen to us.

Employed or self-employed?

It depends on various factors.

First of all, your personal inclination.

With employee work in general we do what other people tell us to do in line with what we were hired for.

With self-employment it is we who must organize ourselves and make choices on which the success of our work depends, continually questioning ourselves and fully aware of the risk that any business activity entails anyway.

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