Banff (Canada): national park in the Rocky Mountains


What to see in Banff National Park in Canada, in the province of Alberta, an itinerary through the Rocky Mountains including the main places of interest, including breathtaking landscapes, Banff and the cave with warm waters.

National Park

Banff National Park, one of the main attractions to see during a trip to Canada, is located in the province of Alberta and consists of a territory characterized by spectacular mountain landscapes, corresponding to a total area of ​​6641 sq km.

Inside the park is the pretty town of Banff, which is about 130 km from Calgary, the city closest to the park.

In the autumn of 1883, a cave was discovered on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains from which springs of hot water flow.

Two years later, in 1885, the park was established, this extraordinary set of woods, high peaks, glaciers and lakes, which became Canada's first national park, and third in the world.

Parkway Icefields, also known as Highway 93, is the scenic route that crosses Banff National Park and Jasper National Park, connecting Lake Louise to Jasper, in the heart of the fascinating Canadian Rockies.

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