Georgia (United States): what to see in the state


What to see in Georgia, where it is located, economy and main cities and places of interest scattered throughout its territory, excursion to Stone Mountain and lake.

Tourist information

Georgia is one of the states that make up the United States, bordering Tennessee to the north-west, North Carolina to the north-east, South Carolina to the east, south-east is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, a to the south it borders Florida and to the west with Alabama.

Georgia's economy is mainly based on agriculture, among which the main crops are those of cotton, corn and rice.

In the industrial sector, paper production is particularly developed.

What see

The main cities are Atlanta, which is the capital, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, Rome, Savannah.

Atlanta, where the climate is continental and mild, is famous throughout the world for hosting the Coca-Cola headquarters that met the light in this city and for hosting the Olympic games in 1996.

Famous people were also born in this city, including civil rights activist politician Martin Luther King and actress Julia Roberts.

On July 22, 1864, during the American Civil War, a battle took place during which the city was completely destroyed by fire.

An excursion to Stone Mountain, a mountain not far from downtown Atlanta, is also recommended.

It is possible to reach the top using the comfortable cable car or walking an easy path.

In the surrounding area there is a park where there is a lake and it is possible to see a covered bridge, dating back to the nineteenth century, a mill from the same period and a huge carillon made up of 732 bronze bells.

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