Agrimonia: properties, benefits, therapeutic indications, herbal tea, mother tincture


What is agrimony used for, where is it and the time of the harvest, meaning and therapeutic properties of the plant, indications on the benefits, such as making a decoction for gargle and a cup of herbal tea, mother tincture for the well-being of the throat.

Agrimony meaning

It is a rosacea half a meter high with a single erect stem, characterized by many leaves at the base and few along the stem, composed in turn by smaller leaves communicating with each other at the base and with serrated edge.

There are large stipules at the point where the leaf fits into the stem.

The flowers are carried by a terminal inflorescence and have a five-sepal calyx and a five-petal corolla, yellow in color and emanating a slight smell.

The whole plant is covered with thick, hard and partially glandular hairs.

It can be found mainly along the ditches, roads and pastures.

The leaves or the whole plant harvested at the time of flowering are used.

As regards the properties, the ceremony contains tannin and therefore has astringent effects.

It is very useful in gastric and intestinal inflammations, as well as in those of the liver and kidney pathways.

It can be used to gargle to decrease inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth.

Externally the decoction is applied in compresses on varicose ulcers and slow healing sores.

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As regards the methods of use, the ceremony can be used in the following ways:

- Decoction: considering 100 grams of the drug for a liter of water, boil until the liquid reduces to a third of the initial quantity, then add honey and use to rinse and gargle.

- Herbal tea: a spoonful of the drug for a cup of hot water, to be taken in the measure of two cups a day.

- Decoction (Leclerc): put 200 grams of the plant in a liter of red wine, then boil for five minutes. After soaking for an hour before external use.

The mother tincture of agrimony contains unchanged all the active ingredients of the plant, the benefits are the same as the plant from which they derive, including that of causing relief against sore throat.

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