Campo di Giove (Abruzzo): what to see in the ski resort


What to see in Campo di Giove, a renowned ski resort located at the foot of the Majella and part of the Peligna Mountain Community, as well as the Majella National Park.

Tourist information

In Campo di Giove, highly appreciated for the beauty of its unspoiled natural landscapes, there are the highest ski slopes in all of Abruzzo.

Starting from Round Table, at 2350 meters above sea level, and passing through the beech forest of Quartarana, you arrive with a suggestive descent to the departure station of the ski lift located at Campo di Giove.

As for cross-country skiing, there are 5 km of track that, starting from Lake Ticino and passing through the woods, reach up to FF.SS. Majella.

Campo di Giove is part of the ski area called "Sci dei Parchi", together with Scanno, Monte Rotondo and Passo Leonardo.

With a single ski pass you can take advantage of all 21 kilometers of slopes and 15 ski lifts.

What see

Located on the slopes of Mount Tavola Rotonda, Campo di Giove is a small village that has a pleasant historic center, where you can admire suggestive views.

Among the most interesting places to see include the church of Sant 'Eustachio, built on the remains of a Roman building, Casa Quaranta from the XV century, Palazzo delle Logge from the XVI century, Palazzo Nanni and Palazzo Ricciardi.

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