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Tourist guide to book in the main holiday destinations, with useful information and tips for organizing a trip to Europe.

Low Cost Holidays in Europe

A large number of Italians choose European destinations every year to spend their holidays, preferring to spend the much desired holiday in a foreign country instead of in their own country for varying reasons according to individual tastes.

Strange as it may seem to some, the Italians are a people that stands out for their spirit of adventure, always striving to find some new destination to discover in order to get to know different cultures from their own and new cities of art, first of all the European capitals but not only that, since many smaller centers are attractive for the attractions they offer.

Cultural tourism is in fact the main engine that drives vacationers to the ancient continent, always evolving with new and interesting proposals.

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Every day the number of people looking for European capitals to take a bath in an atmosphere different from the usual increases to get to know the deeper aspects of the chosen European nation.

Among the most requested destinations a prominent place is occupied by Spain, especially for destinations such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the Andalusia region, with its Seville and Granada or Cordoba.

Great interest is also found in England, particularly London and Scotland, and France, with the capital Paris, the Castles of the Loire and regions such as Brittany or Normandy, Alzazia or Lorraine, without forgetting of course the French Riviera and Corsica.

The European capitals all stand out for their great liveliness and cosmopolitan air, to be remembered, in addition to the above mentioned, also Berlin, the capital of Germany, Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, with its canals and its transgressiveness.

Very classic and romantic Vienna, the capital of Austria, Munich, famous for the beer festival but very rich in art, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest.

Thanks to the low cost flights and the holiday packages offered on a regular basis throughout the year it is possible to travel in Europe without spending exorbitant amounts, especially when it is possible to book well in advance, but with a minimum of foresight it is realistic to also take advantage of last minute offers to leave deciding a few days in advance.

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