July 9: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 9 July is Santa Veronica Giuliani, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saint Veronica Giuliani

Santa Veronica Giuliani, born in Mercatello sul Metauro on December 27, 1660 and died in Città di Castello on July 9, 1727, was an Italian religious and mystic, one of the greatest in history, who had multiple revelations and the reception of the Stigmata.

Daughter of Francesco and Benedetta, she was called Orsola, she was the last of seven sisters, of whom three others will embrace the monastic life like her.

Having become an orphan of a mother at only seven years of age, she moved to Piacenza with her father who in the meantime had been promoted to superintendent of the customs of the Duchy of Parma.

In her childhood, struck by readings on the life of the martyrs, the saint developed a great desire to suffer for the love of Christ.

Orsola, in the name of Jesus, had compassion for the poor to whom she used to generously give everything she possessed.

At seventeen he entered the cloistered monastery of the Capuchins of Città di Castello, giving himself the name of Veronica.

There were numerous graces, gifts, privileges, visions, ecstasies, singular charisms that God relentlessly gave to his beloved daughter.

The mystical phenomena that took place in her were verified for a long time by the competent authorities in a very severe way.

He received the stigmata, experiencing in this way one by one all the martyrs and outrages of the Passion of Christ, on Good Friday of 1697.

The bishop of Città di Castello went to the monastery and was convinced of the truthfulness of the stigmata.

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Some doctors treated the wounds produced for six months, putting on gloves with seals after each dressing but, against all odds, the wounds instead of healing got bigger and bigger.

On purpose, she was treated like a madman and a liar, to study her reactions, but in the end the bishop recognized that Veronica showed no sign of sadness, but on the contrary she remained very calm and in excellent mood.

In 1716 she was appointed abbess of the monastery, holding this position until her death on 9 July 1727 following a painful agony lasting 33 days.

The last words pronounced by Veronica were: "I found love, love let itself be seen! This is the cause of my suffering. Tell it all, tell it all! "

His body is buried under the main altar of the Capuchin Church near Città di Castello.

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