Phrases of St. Leo the Great: famous quotes


Famous quotes from the pope's famous speeches and phrases that went down in history for his pontificate, considered one of the most significant of Christian antiquity for the difficult historical moment that the Church was going through. Of Tuscan origin, he lived between 390 and 461, he exercised his papal office from 29 September 440 until his death.

Phrases of St. Leo the Great

- Never give up, even when fatigue makes itself felt, not even when your foot stumbles, not even when your eyes burn, not even when your efforts are ignored, not even when disappointment disheartenes you, even when error discourages you not even when betrayal hurts you, not even when success abandons you, not even when ingratitude appalles you, not even when incomprehension surrounds you, not even when boredom lands on you, not even when everything has the air of nothing, even when the weight of sin crushes you ... Call on your God, clench your fists, smile ... and start again!

- Be resolute, therefore, Christian, in your generosity: give to receive, sow to reap, distribute to reap.

- Do not be afraid of shopping, do not be anxious doubting the proceeds, because your luck increases just when it is well distributed.

- You must desire the right profit that is obtained with the exercise of mercy, and wait for that trade which results in an eternal gain.

- The Lord wanted to suggest and recommend to our hearts that no one presumes his own holiness and no one distrusts his mercy, which is most glorified when the sinner is sanctified and whoever lies is raised.

- The extent of heavenly gifts does not depend on the nature of our works.

- In this world where all life is a service, everyone does not attribute what he deserves. Indeed, if the Lord were to pay attention to sins, no one could stand up to his judgment.

So, beloved, nothing is hard for the humble, nothing is hard for the myths.

- Easily all the precepts pass to practice when grace brings help and obedience makes command sweet.

- Every day the words of God ring in our ears and every man is made aware and convinced of what pleases divine justice.

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