Psalm 66: complete, commentary


CommentPsalm 66 is connected to the history of the people of Israel to whom, thanks to Christ, we are in some way inextricably linked. Jesus is the reason for every liberation, source of all the graces that come from the Father who is in heaven. By entering his churches we offer ourselves as sacrifices, instead of animals, to be united with the sacrifice of Christ present on the altars. We call upon all people to gather to see in us, who are his church, a magnificent work of redemption fruit of his power.

Psalm 66 complete

[1] To the choir master. I sing. Psalm. Acclaim God from all the earth,

[2] sing to the glory of his name, give him splendid praise.

[3] Say to God: “Your works are wonderful! For the greatness of your power your enemies bend to you.

[4] The whole earth prostrates to you, hymns sing to you, sing to your name ”.

[5] Come and see the works of God, admirable in his action on men.

[6] He changed the sea to dry land, they crossed the river on foot; for this reason we rejoice in him for joy.

[7] With his strength he dominates forever, his eye scrutinizes the nations; the rebels do not raise their foreheads.

[8] Bless our God, peoples, make his praise resound;

[9] it is he who saved our lives and did not let our steps falter.

[10] God, you put us to the test; you passed us to the crucible, like silver.

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[11] You made us fall into an ambush, you put a weight on our hips.

[12] You have made men ride on our heads; you put us through the fire and the water, but then you gave us relief.

[13] I will enter your house with burnt offerings, I will loosen my vows to you,

[14] the vows pronounced by my lips, promised in the moment of anguish.

[15] I will offer you burnt offerings with the fragrance of rams, I will sacrifice oxen and goats to you.

[16] Come, listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he has done for me.

[17] I cried out to him, my tongue sang his praise.

[18] If I had sought evil in my heart, the Lord would not have listened to me.

[19] But God listened, he paid attention to the voice of my prayer.

[20] Blessed be God who has not rejected my prayer, has not denied me his mercy.

Psalm 66 • Shout for joy to God, all the earth (October 2023)

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