Ptuj (Slovenia): what to see


What to see in Ptuj, attractions and places to visit in this very ancient town of north-eastern Slovenia, renowned for its spas.

Tourist information

A quiet town in north-eastern Slovenia, located within the Podravje region, Ptuj has very ancient origins that are lost in the Stone Age, despite having reached its maximum splendor only in Roman times.

In the Minoritski samostan, a Minorite convent dating back to 1280, there is a library with thousands of medieval books.

The Mestna Hisa, in neo-Gothic style, houses the town hall, while the M56 stolp civic tower of 1556 is considered the most interesting monument in the historic center.

What see

Ptujski grad is the city castle, built between 1200 and 1300 on the hill overlooking the city, where important prehistoric finds were discovered.

Noteworthy are the porch of the castle, equipped with a double loggia open on the internal courtyard, and the ancient West Tower, dating back to before the rest of the building.

The spa, renowned for the beneficial properties of thermo-mineral water, especially indicated as a cure for rheumatic diseases and post-operative periods, includes an aquatic park.

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