Real estate brokerage: buying and selling property rental


What is meant by real estate brokerage, object of the sale or rental, figure of the agent who exercises the profession of agency for the end customer.

Meaning real estate brokerage

The real estate agency is one of the activities in the field of real estate brokerage carried out by the figure of the real estate agent who has the role of carrying out an intermediation in the conclusion of business concerning the sale or rental of properties.

To carry out this type of activity, it is necessary to be enrolled in the role of business agents in mediation at the local chamber of commerce.

As indeed foreseen by the regulations that allow to be admitted in role, the professional preparation of a real estate agent must include the knowledge of all the matter concerning the exchanges of real estate including the appraisal, the rules of private and public law provided from the civil code and all other applicable rules, tax laws, basic town planning and design rules, fundamental product notions relating to construction techniques and materials used in construction.

In addition, the real estate agent has the obligation of professional secrecy for the business dealt with and to take out insurance against the risks foreseen by his brokerage work.

The compensation for the successful deal is established freely in order to leave the various real estate agencies in free competition.

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