September 7: saint of the day, name day


The Saint of the day 7 September is Santa Regina di Alise, which name day is celebrated and other saints who are celebrated on this date.

Saint Queen of Alise

Virgin and martyr of the third century, Santa Regina was born and lived in Alise in Gaul, near Autun, her mother died during childbirth.

Regina chose the Christian faith, despite the fact that her unbelieving father wanted to make her renounce, and dedicated her life to chastity and prayer, she lived as a hermit.

Being a very beautiful woman, the prefect Olibrio fell in love with her, being aware of her noble origins and wanted to marry her, encouraged by her father, but Regina refused the proposal, effectively disobeying her father who wanted her to marry a rich man instead of respecting the choice he had already made to devote himself to God.

Being Queen adamant about her choice, her father first had her imprisoned and then beheaded.

Other saints and celebrations of 7 September

  • Sant’Albino (Alpine) of Chalons
  • Bishop

  • Santa Carissima of Albi
  • Blessed Claudio Barnaba Laurent de Mascloux and Francesco d’Oudinot de la Boissiere
  • Martyrs

  • San Clodoaldo (or Cloud)
  • Revered in Paris

  • Saints Festus and Desire
  • Martyrs in Pozzuoli

  • San Giovanni da Lodi
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Giovanni Mazzucconi
  • Priest and martyr

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  • Saint Gozzelino of Toul
  • Bishop

  • San Grato di Aosta
  • Bishop

  • Blessed Guido of Arezzo
  • Sant'Ilduardo
  • Bishop

  • Santa Madelberta
  • Abbess

  • San Marco Crisini (Krizevcanin)
  • Martyr of Kosice

  • San Melchiorre Grodziecki
  • Martyr of Kosice

  • Santi Nemorio (Memorio) and companions
  • Martyrs

  • Blessed Rodolfo Corby and Giovanni Duckett
  • Martyrs

  • San Sozonte of Pompeiopoli
  • Martyr

  • Santo Stefano Pongracz
  • Martyr of Kosice

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