Sporades (Greece): what to see in the islands


What are the Sporades islands, what to see in this archipelago of Greece, characteristics of the territory of each island, tourist centers and most beautiful beaches.

Tourist information

The term Sporades indicates an archipelago located in the Aegean Sea located north-east of Greece, to which the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros belong.

The climate of Skiathos is Mediterranean, characterized therefore by hot summers and mild winters.

What see

Skiathos it is very renowned from a naturalistic point of view as it includes extensive pine forests, many coves between bays and coves, lush plane trees and beautiful sandy beaches. The homonymous capital of this island, dating back to 1830 and located on two hills, is one of the major tourist attraction centers in Greece.

The Evangelist Church is a 1775 convent with a discreet dome decorated with rhombus windows, a wooden altar with two icons of ancient workmanship. In this convent typical products made by monks are sold including wine, oil and liqueurs.

Among the most beautiful beaches include the beach of Koukounaries, one of the best known of the Aegean sea and surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, the Lalaria beach, located north of the island and accessible only by sea by sailing from the small port, is characterized by impressive cliffs white and white sand that covers its entire coast.

Skopelos, the largest island in the Sporades archipelago, has a long and narrow shape with a small port reached by catamarans via Thessaloniki and via Volos as well as by regular scheduled ferry rides. With pebbly beaches the sea water is clear.

In the harbor area there are various restaurants and discos. For those who love to turn the island freely it is possible to rent two-wheeled vehicles with the possibility of reaching the best beaches in a few minutes by moving to the western part of the island or to the north of the bay of Panormos.

Alonissos belongs to the prefecture of Magnesia and has the city of Volos as its capital. The population resides almost entirely to the south where the port town of Patitiri is located, from which various maritime connections depart to the nearby islands and the continent.

The village of Rousoum, located not far from Partitiri, is renowned for its beach as well as for the night clubs and the wide range of houses to rent.

The village of Votsi is a very peaceful place to admire the typical houses on the cliffs overlooking the sea. There is Alonissos, an ancient village, and Steni Vala, a small fishing port.

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Skyros, in Italian Sciro, is a municipality located on the island of the same name.

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