Veal slices with capers and anchovies


How to make slices of veal with capers in a pan, a recipe that involves adding anchovy fillets to the mince with which to prepare the tasty sauce to distribute on the meat.

Ingredients for 4 people

- 500 gr of veal slices

- 2 tablespoons of pickled capers

- 4 anchovy fillets in oil

- 2 tablespoons of oil

- 1 tablespoon of vinegar

- salt

- 20-30 gr of butter

Preparation of veal slices with capers

Prepare the capers chopped with the anchovy fillets and set them aside, then heat the oil over high heat in a large enough pan and place the veal slices on the bottom to cook for about 6 minutes.

After draining them from the oil, transfer them to the serving tray, leaving the cooking sauce in the pan.

Put the chopped anchovies and capers, the vinegar, a pinch of salt and the butter in a pan, stirring over medium heat to melt the butter.

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Spread the sauce over the veal slices and serve hot.

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