Veal sweetbreads in crust with aromatic herbs


How to cook crusted veal sweetbreads by blanching them in acidulated water and then cooking them with breadcrumbs and aromatic herbs.

Ingredients for 10 people

- 1.5 kg of veal sweetbreads

- 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar

- 1 pack of breadsticks

- 2 tablespoons of aromatic herbs

- 2 eggs

- 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare crusted veal sweetbreads

Leave the sweetbreads in cold running water for a few hours, then blanch them in acidulated and salted water for 10 minutes from boiling, then let them cool in the cooking water.

Mix the crushed breadsticks with the chopped aromatic herbs.

Cut the sweetbreads into fairly thick slices, pass them in the beaten egg and then in the mixture of breadsticks and aromatic herbs.

Cook the breaded sweetbreads in a pan with a little olive oil, then dry them on paper towels and serve hot.

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