Tolmezzo (Friuli Venezia Giulia): what to see


What to see in Tolmezzo, itinerary including the main monuments and places of interest, including the Duomo, Palazzo Garzolini and the Museum of Popular Arts of Palazzo Campels.

Tourist information

Located in the province of Udine, from which it is 52 km away, in the middle valley of the Tagliamento at the confluence of the But, along the route of the ancient transalpine road that led to the Passo di Monte Croce Carnito, at 1362 meters above sea level, Tolmezzo has probably Roman origins .

In medieval times it was dominated before the patriarch of Aquileia and subsequently became an autonomous municipality, until it reached its maximum splendor in the fourteenth century.

In 1420 it passed to the Republic of Venice, preserving the privileges acquired in the past.

After the 1976 earthquake, Tolmezzo, seriously damaged, was rebuilt with anti-seismic criteria.

What see

In Piazza XX Settembre, which constitutes the city center, there is the eighteenth-century Duomo, where there are interesting sculptures from the sixteenth century and altarpieces from the eighteenth century.

Palazzo Garzolini overlooks the same square, which stands out for the portico and the tombstones inserted in the facade.

Inside the Campeis Palace, in Piazza Garibaldi, there is the Museum of Popular Arts, where the most important testimonies regarding the daily activities, crafts and agriculture of Friuli are collected.

Works in worked wood, tools, wrought iron, ceramics, clothes, lace and carved furniture are exhibited.

It is also possible to admire many seventeenth-century paintings, created by the local artist Nicola Grassi, and two sculptures, by Domenico da Tolmezzo and Giovanni Martini.

Tolmezzo Città Alpina dell'anno 2017 (August 2022)

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