12 exotic dream destinations: warm winter holidays


List of the best exotic destinations to spend a winter holiday period, all strictly characterized by countries with a warm climate.

The most beautiful exotic destinations

In what is considered one of the most fascinating areas in the world, Bali is the place where the great respect for the rhythms imposed by mother nature, for every man, for all that is edible and for the gifts of the earth, generates a level reception very difficult to forget.

Those who travel to Kenya are said to have the opportunity to experience a concentrate of everything that represents Africa. In this country there is the sea with beautiful beaches, it is possible to participate in safari in the savannah to observe closely every species of animal that lives in these places and, moreover, the locals are extremely hospitable with tourists.

The coral reef that surrounds Mauritius also constitutes a protection for its white beaches, except for the southern coast where there are sheer cliffs where you can admire the great waves that break there. Pushing inland, the flat territory rises in altitude, giving rise to a central plateau where lakes and craters of extinct volcanoes prevail, in addition, around the main island there are some uninhabited islets.

A corner of paradise that certainly needs no introduction, where vegetation, soft sand and crystal clear sea with pristine backdrops prevail over the rest, those who visit this archipelago will remember for a long time the red sunsets and a very intimate set of personalized emotions.

Cook Islands
These islands form an archipelago where the energy of the earth is transmitted to the bare feet when they trample it, they are located between Thaiti and Samoa in a geographic space little exploited by mass tourism, formed by coral atolls, romantic lagoons, extinct volcanoes and very vegetation lush. The Cook Islands archipelago is located in the so-called New Zealand Polynesia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, between French Polynesia and the Samoa islands. Considered one of the best sea destinations in the world, they can be easily reached with direct flights from Los Angeles, Auckland and Sydney.

Archipelago made up of coral atolls and granite islands smoothed by the wind and corroded by the sea, located in the Indian Ocean just below the equator, off the African coast. It is a highly paradisiacal environment, characterized by tropical beaches, where in the uncontaminated natural environment there are magnificent examples of virgin forests in the Indian Ocean and some species of plants, flowers and animals unique in the world survive.

Netherlands Antilles
Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao are ideal islands for beach holidays on wonderful beaches, a true tropical paradise where different cultures blend perfectly. Located in a privileged geographical position, these islands pass on a rich past, although each developed differently, retaining its own characteristics over time.

This country can offer intense and unforgettable emotions, a trip to a wild territory, characterized by the great reserves of the savannah, where you can see the same large animals that we are used to seeing in documentaries on TV, wandering in search of suggestive sunsets to capture with our favorite camera. But in addition to this, Tanzania completes the tourist offer with its white sandy beaches and its turquoise colored sea, made up of the Indian Ocean that bathes the coasts, until we discover enchanting islands such as Pemba, Mafia and Zanzibar.

Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo is a small island belonging to Cuba, located in the Caribbean Sea, one of the last virgin paradises on the planet, which has become the refuge for all species of birds, where there is a huge variety of fish that are no longer found elsewhere else.

Greater island of the French Antilles, Guadeloupe is located in the Caribbean, in a butterfly-shaped archipelago that has numerous finds that testify to its history and the different cultures that have affected it in the past. Island very rich in vegetation, it has several natural sites to discover.

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Santo Domingo
Capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is a tropical paradise where it is easy to come across beautiful beaches surrounded by palm trees, admiring the coral reef that surrounds the whole island.

Roatan, the largest and most populated of the islands of Bahia, is considered by many to be an earthly paradise, for its pristine beaches and the particularly transparent sea.

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